‘The truth of the world’ as school starts to look more like an assembly

In a move that some say could help the nation’s teachers’ unions, the Department of Education will begin to make grade and grade level changes at all of its schools this fall.

The department has already made several grade level adjustments to some of its public schools in the last two years.

The changes include grade changes at the middle school level, and a reduction in the number of math teachers at some middle schools.

The changes have led some parents to believe the changes are an attempt to cut down on teacher turnover.

But a spokeswoman for the department says the department will not be making grade level reductions this fall because the department is trying to “improve the quality of education at all levels of the school system.”

“The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education will not make grade level adjustment for middle schools and the increase in grade level at middle schools has not had a significant impact on teacher quality,” the spokeswoman said.

“Grade level changes are necessary to ensure that the student has the right tools for learning, and they are also consistent with district policies, which require teachers to teach the most appropriate material for each subject and to use the appropriate vocabulary and vocabulary phrases.”

She added that the department would continue to work with its principals, teachers, and other administrators to address any teacher turnover issues.

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