How to make a history of the modern game

A football history, it is, isn’t all about the numbers.

That is to say, it’s about the history of our games, the way our game has evolved, the moments of our football lives that were worth celebrating.

For this year’s edition of Football Italian, we took a look at some of the biggest moments in the history the game has to offer, the games we lost and the games that gave us hope.1.

1966 World Cup (Spain)The 1966 World Championship was the most important tournament of the century.

As a result of a bizarre, chaotic, and unpredictable event known as the “Casa da Fonte”, many of the nations of Europe and America were eliminated from the competition, with England the only team to win the tournament.

In an act of total self-destructive hubris, this meant that the country of Spain was forced to leave the tournament after just two matches.

It is a story of national shame, of humiliation and the loss of hope, but it is also a story about football itself.

The tournament was a turning point in Spanish football history and one of the most memorable of all time.2.

1970 World Cup Final (Germany)Germany’s footballing success in the 1970 World Champions’ Cup was in large part due to their players.

The team was composed of a number of talented and well-liked individuals who were part of the winning team and who were all considered to be “greats”.

This was a unique group of players and the collective effect of this group’s success was a team that was world class.

The result was that Germany won the World Cup and won the Euro Cup, as well as becoming the first country to reach the final of the tournament in history.3.

1978 World Cup semi-final (Spain, Brazil)In the 1978 World Cups semi-finals, Spain were led by the best footballers in Europe at the time: Lionel Messi, Carlos Tevez, and Alfredo Di Stefano.

This was the first time in the tournament’s history that two different sides had been eliminated from a World Cup final.

It was a strange and difficult moment for the tournament, as Spain lost both games against their opponents, losing 1-0 in the first leg and 1-1 in the second leg.

It’s a remarkable result, but the real story was the extraordinary performances of the players on the pitch.4.

1998 World Cup Quarter-final: Netherlands v England (Spain 1-3 England)In a game that was so closely contested that it almost became a draw, the teams were locked in a fierce duel in the 1999 World Cup quarter-final.

This is the only match in World Cup history that saw England win a quarter-finals game in the style that the game itself demands.

The atmosphere in the stadium was electric, the crowd was buzzing, and the atmosphere at the Stadium Nou was one of pure emotion.

The Dutch were not just a force to be reckoned with, they were also a force in their own right.5.

1994 World Cup Semi-final – Netherlands v Germany (Spain 3-1 Germany)The 1994 World Cups quarter-quarterfinal was one that saw Spain beat Germany in a match that is regarded as the greatest in the entire tournament.

It also saw the Spanish football world go absolutely ballistic and take a giant leap forward.

The World Cup’s second best team, who had won two consecutive championships, were in the midst of a massive treble run and had just come from an historic defeat to France.

However, things didn’t go their way in this one and, as a result, Spain ended up with a massive defeat in the last 16.6.

2005 World Cup – Spain v Portugal (Spain 2-1 Portugal)Spain’s biggest triumph since the 1966 World Cups final is arguably their most famous.

The 2005 World Cups was arguably their greatest ever performance as Spain beat Portugal 3-0.

This match is regarded to be one of football’s great moments and, more than any other, was the catalyst for the rise of the Spanish national team and the emergence of Lionel Messi as a superstar.

The match was also the first to mark the start of a period of unprecedented growth for the country and the rise and rise of a new generation of footballers.7.

2011 FIFA World Cup semifinal – Spain vs France (Spain 0-2 France)This match is the best game of the game, in terms of the sheer brilliance and drama of the play.

It has a history that goes back to the 1960s and is the one game in which both Spain and France lost the game 1-2 in dramatic fashion.

The game itself was a fascinating affair, as each side was desperate to win.

It began with the ball being knocked out of play by the Brazilian players.

They were clearly trying to hold on, and were rewarded when, in the 61st minute, a fantastic free

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