Which are the best college courses to take?

A few months ago, I started a blog called Aieed Exam, to share the top college courses that I think every high school student should be taking.

But the posts have grown in size and importance over the past year, so I’m going to try to update this list each week, so you can find what’s new.

I know there’s a lot of overlap between the syllabi listed here and the ones on my syllabus site.

I think that these syllabi will be more useful to students than my syllabi, so here’s a summary of the syllabus I wrote about the AieED exam, which is now in its fourth year.1.

Introduction to the American West by William Faulkner, published in 19022.

The History of Medicine by Thomas Jefferson, published between 1789 and 18123.

The First Principles of Medicine from the English Treatise on Natural Philosophy and Medicine by John Locke, published 16174.

The Natural History of the United States by James Madison, published 17765.

American Geographical Dictionary by Donald Hodge, published by 18186.

American Political Economy by Thomas Paine, published 18047.

An American Life by Benjamin Franklin, published 19008.

An Elementary Treatise of the Laws of Nature by Thomas Carlyle, published 18979.

Principles of Geometry by John von Neumann, published 190510.

The Elements of Geophysics by Albert Einstein, published 195611.

A History of Western Thought by Edmund Burke, published 186512.

The Art of War by Napoleon Bonaparte, published 186113.

A Dictionary of American Life, by George Washington, published 185014.

A Brief History of Civilization by Samuel Johnson, published 189515.

The Laws of the Sea by Charles Darwin, published 189816.

The English Dictionary of the Social Sciences by Thomas Hobbes, published 188017.

The Dictionary of Modern European Life by Franz Boas, published 195118.

A Companion to Mathematics by Alfred Binet, published 196519.

The Theory of Moral Sentiments by Adam Smith, published 189020.

A Treatise On Religion by Plato, published 192721.

The Principles of Ethics by Thomas Aquinas, published 196222.

The Principia Mathematica by Bertrand Russell, published 197923.

The New Atlantis by George Santayana, published 198724.

A Complete Works of Plato, by Plato and Aristotle, published 196725.

A Course in Psychology by Daniel Dennett, published 200726.

A New Kind of War: The Economics of War, by Martin Dempsey, published 201627.

A Practical Guide to Surviving War by James P. Robinson, published 200428.

A Primer on Human Nature by David Eagleman, published 200329.

The Power of Positive Thinking by Paul Krugman, published 201230.

A Short History of American Slavery by Harriet Tubman, written in 180831.

A Rough Guide to the English Language by John Milton, published 196132.

The Philosophy of the Bible by Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, published 188833.

A Guide to Western Civilization by Edmund Wilson, published 200234.

A Wealth of Nations by Adam Goldfarb, published 199935.

A Country Life by Walter Lippmann, published 197536.

The Politics of Fear by Robert D. Kaplan, published 198637.

The Wealth of Freedom by Milton Friedman, published 200938.

The Black Book of Human History by Karl Marx, published 196039.

The Clash of Civilizations by Noam Chomsky, published 200040.

A Theory of History by Robert Heinlein, published 196441.

A Manual for Thinking About History by George Bernard Shaw, published 198042.

A Mind for Survival by Steve Jobs, published 201143.

The American Revolution by John Adams, published 192444.

A Farewell to Arms by Robert Nozick, published 199645.

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by George Orwell, published 194946.

A Man for All Seasons by Ayn Rand, published 199047.

The Age of Anxiety by Edward Abbey, published 198448.

A Concise History of Psychiatry by Francis Galton, published 196649.

The Tao Te Ching by Tao Te-li, published 195250.

The Science of Survival by Bruce Schneier, published 201351.

A Better Life: A Practitioner’s Guide to a Better Life by Michael Pollan, published 201552.

The Mind Unleashed by Mark Hyman, publisher of The New Yorker53.

A Field Guide to Human Nature: A New Approach to Human Behavior, by Paul Krassner, publisher, published 200854.

The Moral Landscape by Carl Rogers, publisher published 200855.

A Sense of Wonder: The Evolution of the Human Mind, by Thomas Nagel, published 201856.

The Five Pillars of Wisdom by The Buddha, published 199757.

A Book About the History of Man by Marcus Tullius Cicero, published 199858.

The Selfish Gene

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