What’s new in the Bank of Japan’s new banknotes?

By NIKO KITA/ReutersBank of Japan governor Haruhiko Kuroda said on Wednesday that the bank will introduce new bank notes with a new design and printing process next year.

The Bank of England introduced the first of the new banknote designs in March, and it is expected to release a new version of the $100 bill next year, according to the BBC.

The new bank series, the BSB10, will be issued in the next quarter.

Kuroda said that the new series will be printed in Japan using the latest in printing technologies and will have an initial circulation of more than 200 million.

He added that the design will be similar to the new $100 notes introduced in 2016, with a design similar to that of the U.S. dollar bill.

The banknotes are meant to appeal to customers and attract attention to the bank’s efforts to improve the economy.

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