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The Cna Lecture Series is an intensive introduction to the world of the arts and design that takes you through topics such as music, theatre, film, dance, painting and photography.

Cna is a registered charity, run by students and graduates from the Art and Design Institute at the University of Limerick.

In addition to delivering the Cna Course, the course provides an introduction to modern art and design through lectures, films, exhibition exhibitions, interactive sessions and other events.

It’s one of the many new courses on offer in the University’s curriculum.

The CNA course aims to give you an overview of the art and technology of art and to enable you to explore your creative process through practical exercises.

The course covers a range of disciplines from design, design-making, graphic design, photography and sculpture.

There are also subjects such as the history of art, photography, film and the cinema.

This course is suitable for anyone interested in learning art, design, film or visual arts.

The first week is designed for both students and staff who will need to make a series of small projects to work on while they complete their course.

This means the course is designed to be delivered at home for students, but also for staff.

In the second week, students and volunteers will be able to create interactive activities and interactive learning experiences.

The final week is the most intensive, where students and their work is displayed in the main exhibition space.

The students and team members of the CNA Course are volunteers from the Arts Council of Ireland (ACI) and are part of the Irish Design Consortium.

This is an independent organisation established in 2010 to promote Irish design, as part of a larger initiative to build a strong, sustainable design industry.

The project aims to create a permanent exhibition space, which will be open to the public, so that people from all over the world can experience and appreciate Irish design.

In 2014, the C-NA syllabus was launched, with a focus on visual and performing arts.

CNA is now available in more than 40 languages.

The full course can be downloaded from the College’s website.

More information can be found on the Cdn syllabus page.

The Irish Design Cna course is now open for pre-registration.

Registration opens on Monday 1 January.

The registration deadline is Thursday 27 January.

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