Microsoft hires PhDs to design ‘expertise’ on learning, testing and testing-in-the-lab

Microsoft has hired a team of PhDs who will design and test “expert knowledge and expertise” for its “learning, testing, and testing” in-house training.

The program will begin in 2018, and Microsoft says it expects the new graduates to be “leading leaders” in its research.

Microsoft has previously been looking to hire its own PhDs, but this will be the first time the company has put them in charge of a learning, test-in to-lab process.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has been a vocal proponent of the approach, telling attendees at the 2016 F8 developer conference that Microsoft had “one of the best PhD programs in the world” and “the best of it in the US.”

The company’s goal is to make the system as flexible as possible to allow for its own testing and feedback, and it will also work with universities and labs to create a testing and evaluation tool.

The new PhDs will be working in a collaborative environment where the Microsoft research team will be providing feedback on new algorithms, data and concepts.

Microsoft hopes to train its researchers for a variety of skills, from learning how to program to building tools for data analysis and visualization.

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