How to prepare for the BSU syllabus 2018

The BSU course is a compulsory part of the syllabus and is one of the requirements for admission to the college.

The syllabus was made available on Monday and it will be available online for three days.

The content is similar to the standard syllabus in the undergraduate course, and the syllabi also has a special section on ‘social responsibility’.

The syllabus is an overview of the college’s core mission and focuses on issues facing women and girls.

The core mission of the university is to promote social justice, equity and social cohesion among its students, and to serve the needs of students in various spheres, including gender equality and equity in higher education, among others.

The syllabi contains information on topics like women’s rights, caste, religious and cultural rights, social and political rights, women’s health and other areas, and more.

The BSU aims to provide students with the required knowledge and skills to pursue their professional careers.

Students are also expected to be active in the society in their daily lives, including volunteering and attending meetings, and in their social and cultural activities.

It also teaches students about women’s education and its implications for social justice.

The college’s curriculum is in the same format as the regular syllabus.

There are no classes, but students will take part in lectures, activities, projects, lectures, discussions, and study abroad, among other activities.

A group of students would take part every other semester in a lecture and project-based programme.

Students can study for two years after the college admission deadline.

The college will continue to maintain its programme after the final year.

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