How to do FMR, Exams and Exams: How to know the right way to learn

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The Australian Financial Regulator (AFR) has published new guidance on how to take exams, exams and exams.

The new rules will see students take the following exam formats:Formal and Written Examination (FRE)Formal Exam (FEX)Flexible Exam (FE)Frequent Exam (FR)Finite Exam (FFE)Exam Format (EFM)Exams and exams will be administered by the AFR and by exam centres.

In an email sent to all exam centres, the AAFR said the following:The AAFRs guidance is designed to ensure that all exam holders are provided with the appropriate tools to achieve a high standard of academic performance.

Students who do not meet the required standards may be asked to attend a formal examination (FREP) or to attend an approved FREP (FEP) session.

A student who fails an examination or fails to complete a particular exam may be issued with an FREP or FEP and, if so, a written notice of the failure.

In all exams, students will be given a written copy of the exam and a form that outlines the required material and the format of examination.

In addition, students who are unable to complete an examination due to personal reasons, such as illness or a change in residence, should not be required to retake the exam.

Students should also be provided with written guidance on the types of materials that they should and should not use during exams.

Exams will be conducted in a ‘safe and secure environment’ and exams may be subject to a strict time limit and will be assessed in terms of accuracy and completeness.

For example, students must complete their exam in under a minute, as well as in accordance with the written instructions, according to the AFS.

Students who fail an exam and fail to complete the exam, and are unable or unwilling to complete their test within the specified time limit, will be asked for written permission to retake it.

The AFS also said the AAMC has been working with the AIFS and other exam centres to provide a ‘clear, understandable and efficient’ way to ensure students who do fail the exam have a fair chance of completing their exams.

It will also provide students with advice on what to do in cases of doubt about whether they have met the required academic standards.

The full list of formats and requirements will be published in the next week, the AFR said.


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