How to get a PhD in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)

A professor of computer science at the Indian Institute for Science and Technology ( IIT ) has taught students to write computer programs that are used in the Indian government’s security services.

In the process, he has helped students to learn about computer security issues, such as how to detect malware and how to secure communications.

The programme has been developed by an Indian research group led by IITs computer science professor Pankaj K. Kumar, according to a statement from the institute.

“IIT’s Centre for Advanced Computing is now preparing a syllabus for the first-year students to be taught in this course, as part of the IIT-CIS 2017-18,” said K.P. Singh, the head of IIT’s research and innovation programme.

Kumar’s team developed the course for the ICT department, which includes computer science departments and faculty, and the government departments that provide computer security services, according the institute’s statement.

It is not yet clear how many students will be taught this year.

For students who want to study computer science but are unable to get into IIT or the Centre for Research on Globalization, the programme has an online component that allows them to start online courses from an online portal, the institute said.

The programme was designed to teach students the basics of computer programming and to teach them to code the software that runs their government agencies, the statement said.

It is part of a broader project called the IISC, or Indian Information Security Infrastructure for Government, which aims to build a digital infrastructure to protect government institutions from cyber threats.

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