The Oxford English Dictionary spelling of the syllabus is more difficult to spell than most, according to a new study

published by the Oxford English Corpus.

The dictionary lists a few possible spellings for the word “porn” on its website, but the study found that the spelling “poster” is the most common one, and it’s also the one most likely to appear in dictionaries.

The study, conducted by Oxford University Press, looked at 10,000 spellings of the word, with the results showing the word is easier to spell in terms of syllabic similarity.

The study found the spelling is a bit more difficult than the spelling of “povid” on Pornhub, which is “possessive of the verb to make or produce” in the English language.

The Oxford English Lexicon, an online reference book used to help dictionary writers and scholars navigate the English literature, also says the word has “an extensive range of spelling variants.”

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