The year’s most important books: The Year’s Most Important Books for 2018

2018 was a year full of interesting and inspiring books.

We looked back at some of the year’s biggest reads and also some of our favourites, and gave a brief history of some of them.

Here’s a look back at our favourites.1.

The Book Thief by Cormac McCarthy (HarperCollins)It is hard to believe it is almost 20 years since Cormac McCrea first launched his bestselling novel The Book of the New Sun.

Since then, it has become a bestseller and the author has gone on to create several books of the same title, with a total of over 100 million copies sold.

But, of course, he still hasn’t finished the story, which takes him back to a time when, thanks to the invention of the electric chair, the most dangerous criminals were kept alive with a gas chamber.

The story follows a man named Thomas, who is forced to take a job as a bookseller by his sister, who will not only help him out but also bring in her husband to the job, but also a wealthy friend who is about to give her a fortune.

McCarthy’s prose style is the perfect blend of Dickensian realism and a bit of the supernatural, and the book’s haunting, suspenseful atmosphere is one that is often described as “sabre-drenched”.2.

The Wives of Sherlock Holmes by JK Rowling (Rowling)A book that, like many others, has seen its reputation damaged by the release of a script by director Guillermo del Toro that is so poor that Rowling had to resort to her own version.

In The WIVES of Sherlock Sherlock Holmes, Harry Watson is in the company of his love interest Watson’s assistant, Irene Adler, as they navigate the mysteries of the Moriarty household, as well as the murder of their beloved neighbour, Mr Moriarty.

As they venture further into the house, they discover a strange ritual of the house that involves the “womb, the coffin, and an iron cage that was never put in the tomb”.

The final scene shows Watson’s wife, Dr Watson, with her face contorted in pain, as the cage begins to close, revealing a secret that will haunt her forever.3.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Annette King (Penguin)King’s second novel is set in the fictional village of Llanidwen, which is described by one of the narrator’s friends as a place “of great quietness, with only the sound of birds and the sound and smell of fresh air”.

But, as we soon learn, it is not the quietness of the village, but the lightness of Llangidwen itself, that is a source of immense unease.

King takes a fresh look at the dark world of the fictional Llangidd, and it is here that we learn that the inhabitants are not as peaceful as the village is made out to be, as their house has been vandalised by “people of all ages, genders, races, religions and sexualities”.4.

The Girl Who Loved Me by Astrid Lindgren (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)Farrars novel The Girl who Loved me is a story about a young woman who is sent to live with her uncle, the great-grandfather of a deceased child.

The boy is the great grandfather of her sister, and he is the most feared man in the village.

But as we learn, his uncle is also very much a monster and a murderous man, and there is no escaping him.

As we learn more about him and his past, it becomes clear that the only way to stop him is to make him see the truth about himself, and to break him.5.

The Big House by Michael Chabon (Harvard University Press)Another book about the author of a novel that has made the cover of Time magazine, The Big Houses was written during the height of the AIDS pandemic.

The novel tells the story of a family who lives in a tiny house in a gated community in Los Angeles, California, with one of their two cats.

One day, the cat goes into a panic and starts biting the other cat.

The cat has been bitten by the cat, and has died.

The family tries to get a copy of the book and, despite being unable to afford it, it’s sold to a young man who sells it to a rich young man in New York.

The man, who happens to be an old friend of the author, makes a fortune and becomes a well-known writer.6.

The Last Days of the Earth by John Green (Random House)This novel follows a group of explorers who are trying to make it out of a small tropical island called the “Last Days of Earth”.

In the novel, the explorers’ main goal is to get to the bottom of

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