What the syllabus for your bank looks like

What is the syllabi for your school?

What is it like to get a bank?

Are they just for high school students?

What are the rules for bank loan applicants?

All of these questions are answered in this video tutorial by Mashable’s students, and you can find out more about how they get to the bank of your dreams.

Read moreAbout the video tutorialMashable was founded by Mashability’s student-powered team in 2013.

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For a look at how Mashable works, check out the videos below.

The Mashable team at the University of Michigan, where we teach students how to make money on the side.

The video tutorial for The National Bank of the Philippines.

Mashable is the name of a Philippine bank that’s part of the national bank network.

The student-led team from the University and College of Nursing at the Manila College of Health.

We teach nurses how to earn money.

The student-created bank was originally designed to serve as an alternative to traditional banks that charge high fees.

We’ve added a little extra detail to help you understand how it works.

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