Army to start mandatory military college for enlisted men


(AP) The Army will start mandatory high school military courses next year to prepare its first enlisted men for combat roles.

The Army has been under pressure to boost the number of soldiers from the active-duty force by nearly 30 percent, with a shortage of soldiers and other personnel due to the military’s war on drugs.

The Army said in a statement Wednesday that the courses would begin Aug. 1.

The cadet course will take about 90 days.

Army officials said they will be taught by Army trainers who will have combat experience.

Soldiers in the Army are required to complete a mandatory three-week training course before they can join the active force.

That course is called the basic infantryman’s course, or IFC.

The course is designed to teach soldiers how to use firearms, fire weapons, use hand grenades, rappel off buildings and survive in hostile environments.

The course was designed to train soldiers in basic skills in infantry tactics, weapon handling, basic training and combat readiness, Army officials told The Associated Press.

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