College’s College English syllabus gets some love

A new college English course, “College English: A Step Towards the World’s First Language,” will be introduced this semester at the University of Chicago, according to an announcement posted by the University in Chicago.

“Our goal is to teach students the basics of writing and grammar,” a university official told EW.

“We’re hoping this course will spark a dialogue about how we as a society need to change our thinking about the language of the 21st century.”

EW reached out to the University for comment on the syllabus.

“It’s always fun to hear about how awesome our courses are,” a University spokesperson said in a statement.

“However, we want to make sure that any student who wants to take the course is well-prepared for the challenging material.”

The syllabus for the course, which is the work of the Institute of English Education (IES), is not available for public review yet.

EW has reached out for comment from the university about the new syllabus and whether it is going to be open to the public.

The syllabi includes several essays about the current state of English in the U.S. and how we should use our knowledge of the language to help the rest of the world better understand its people and ways of life.

The essays are written in English and include links to the course’s website, where students can take the courses online.

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