When Trump was a freshman, I thought I’d never write about the KKK

That night, I stood up and cried at a White House ceremony honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It was my first major public moment of public anger at the Trump administration.

I was also in my first year at Princeton, and I had just graduated with honors.

At the time, I was writing about the Civil Rights Movement, but it was my thesis project, The Color of the Revolution: Race, Power, and the Civil War, and it was a long and winding slog through the Civil Wars, Reconstruction, and post-war reconstruction.

I had to go through the political process to get there.

The event, at which President Donald Trump gave his inaugural address and addressed a crowd of mostly white college students, was my moment of triumph.

But my anger wasn’t just because the president had made history.

The president was the first president in American history to be assassinated.

But it wasn’t only me who felt angry.

I felt frustrated.

I could feel my political power fading, I felt that we were losing the war.

It didn’t seem like our country was winning, and yet we were winning it.

I wanted to know what it was that I could do to help.

But I knew that I couldn’t just sit on my hands and hope that the next time I would feel a sense of relief.

I didn’t want to give up.

I needed to take action.

I began to read books.

I spent time on Facebook and YouTube, I studied up on the history of the Civil rights movement, and finally, I decided to become a historian.

For the next three years, I immersed myself in the Civil Defense, a movement of former slaves who fought to protect the rights of former Confederate prisoners.

I learned a lot about the role of women, and about how the Civil Right movement affected the lives of African Americans, and how that changed my politics.

I also began writing books about the war that had started during Reconstruction.

The book I wanted most was The Color Line: The Battle of the Bulge, a history of how the U.S. armed forces fought to hold the line against German forces during World War II.

The story of how they won, and their triumph, inspired me to start writing about Black Lives Matter and the war’s aftermath.

The Black Lives matter movement has become one of the most important, and controversial, movements in the U

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