How to read Hebrew and write Hebrew with a pen and paper

The following syllabus outlines the study of Hebrew in the Jewish community and is intended to be a resource for students who want to know the Hebrew alphabet, learn about Hebrew texts and write a Hebrew word.

It does not provide a formal language curriculum.

Students can follow along with the lessons by following the links below: 1.

Learn the Hebrew Alphabet Learn the basics of the Hebrew language and learn how to write Hebrew.

This is the Hebrew letters that represent the word “hayim.”

Learn the letters for “tachim” (the first letter of the word hayim), “zechim” and “yisrael” (which means “mankind”).

Learn the meanings of the letters “a,” “e,” “u” and the “s.”


Hebrew and Arabic Learn the difference between Hebrew and other languages and the different ways to spell Hebrew.

Learn Hebrew as a first language and the differences between words that come from Hebrew.


The Torah Learn the biblical passages that explain the Torah.

Learn about God and the laws of the Torah and what they say about the purpose of the Bible.

Learn more about the meaning of the words “heb” and how they relate to Hebrew.


Torah Study Learn about the Torah in Hebrew, and then study the Hebrew words and letters to learn about the various types of Hebrew.


Torah Grammar Learn about basic grammar rules and how to use them to make a simple but effective Hebrew sentence.

Learn to read the Hebrew text, including the Torah, and apply them to the various languages.


How to Read the Hebrew Scriptures Learn about how to read a Hebrew Bible, such as the Pentateuch.

Learn how to pronounce certain Hebrew words.


The Bible Learn how the Bible was composed, how it was originally written, and how people who lived during its time used it. 8.

The Book of Exodus Learn about some of the more interesting stories in the Bible, from Abraham to the Hebrews.


The Numbers Learn the basic numbers in the Hebrew Bible.


The Talmud Learn about Jewish law and Jewish culture, including how the Talmudic rabbis used numbers to decide what to do. 11.

Hebrew Grammar You’ll learn the basics in Hebrew grammar, including words like kiruv, kavir, zechim and yisrael.


The Mishnah Learn about what the Bible teaches about the relationship between God and humans, and why some people interpret certain passages differently than others.


The Tanakh Learn about specific verses from the Torah that deal with human relationships and gender issues.


The Haggadah Learn about religious and philosophical questions that people often have about the Bible and how it relates to other religions and philosophies.


The Pentateur Learn about important Biblical passages and how God and His people used the language to express Himself.


The New Testament Learn about major religious figures, including Jesus, Paul, John the Baptist, the apostles, the early church and others.


The Apocrypha Learn about ancient texts, myths and legends.

Learn and apply the ideas of the various Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek-Christian communities.


The Song of Songs Learn about biblical verses and the meanings they have for people of different ages.


Hebrew in Everyday Life Learn about Hebrew in everyday life.


Hebrew at Home Learn about learning Hebrew in schools, on the playground and in everyday conversation.


Hebrew Music Learn how songs can help you connect with God and with your family.


Hebrew Stories Learn about various Biblical stories from the Old Testament and the New Testament.


Hebrew Lessons Learn Hebrew lessons in Hebrew.


Hebrew Words Learn the meaning and pronunciation of Hebrew words, such for “yadim,” “yudim,” and “zemir.”

Learn more.


The Word of God Learn about Scripture in the Old and New Testaments, the Torah itself and other texts.


The Pearl of Great Price Learn about life and death in the ancient world, and the impact that God had on the lives of Israelites.


Hebrew Vocabulary Learn about vocabulary in Hebrew and the words you will use in everyday Hebrew conversations.


The Letters of the Covenant Learn about key verses from Jewish law.

Learn why the Torah has certain words in it. 29.

The Ten Commandments Learn about all of the Jewish laws, such the law of tithing, the law on divorce, and more.


The Hebrew Bible Learn about a lot of Bible verses, including Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Deut.

24 and Joshua.


The Psalms Learn about Psalms, songs, chants, hymns and more from the Hebrew scriptures.


The Prophets Learn about Jesus, Joseph, Paul and other Biblical figures.


The Septuagint Learn about Greek,

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