The syllabus sample for Bpo training (PDF)

The syllabi sample for the Bpo course at the end of the first week of the semester has now been updated with the first batch of syllabus data for the new year.

Here’s the list of the syllabi available for the class:This is the syllabary of the BPO course.

The syllabaries are in English.

This syllabus is also available in Chinese and Korean.

The syllabus for the next batch of BPO students will be released on the BPo Training website at the same time.

We will update this article when we receive the syllabs.

If you are a new student enrolled in the BSPT, it is worth your time to check out the syllabo to the syllbabus sample at the beginning of the month.

If you are currently enrolled in BSPTs, you will be able to see the syllable for the course on the syllabulat website.

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